Moorside Community Association received funding for a mural to be displayed within the local community garden. The association worked with the Intergenerational Programme and involved local young people and an older people’s art group based at the Phoenix Centre in Moorside.

They also brought in RT Projects to facilitate the art work creation. The project took place over three days during the Easter Holiday period and the group worked collaboratively in designing each element of the mural, how it would look, including flowers and animals.

Each member of the group was encouraged to contribute at least one design item, even individuals who felt under confident about their drawing and creativity were supported by the group and artists to make a valued contribution. The time that the different generations spent together was invaluable with interaction and support readily given by each group getting involved in every stage from design to base painting and then creating the whole mural.

Lynn Walton, an older person said it was lovely helping the younger people and working on a piece of artwork that would last for all. One younger person said she felt the older people had had a lovely time and that was important. Now the Mural has been put up in the community garden for everyone to enjoy.