Older people arent just old and grumpy!

Older volunteer and a pupil baking togetherWe are always delighted with the amount of positive feedback from younger participants in our County Durham Intergenerational Programme. Here are some comments to share with you related to a programme we have developed with a Primary School.

We have learnt a lot, like knitting which I didn’t have a clue about; now we are baking. I’ve learnt one more thing as well – old people aren’t just old and grumpy! We got to know the ladies and it was amazing!”

“I have really enjoyed knitting and learning how to do it. The ladies have helped me realise that the older generation isn’t as stubborn as I thought and they are capable of the same things as we can all do!”

“Thank you to the whole of the team. They’ve learnt me that not everyone is miserable. I’ve had so much happiness during the sessions and I hope there is more to come. Thank you so much!”